After your motorcycle has been stored for a couple months, it would become pretty obvious that it no further has got the sparkling shine. Below are a few tips that can help you clean your motorcycle so that it looks great once more.

Clean The Chrome

Odds are you’ve paid some decent money to include plenty of chrome to your bike, so you never wish to earthhershop see that hard earned money wasted having a dulling coating of dust since the shiny metal parts on your bike. Use a chrome cleaner and a lint free cloth to completely clean every inch of chrome that you’ve on your motorcycle. Be careful to not scrub way too hard as you could scratch the surface. Be sure you work with a non-abrasive cleaner that’ll not scratch the chrome parts on your motorcycle.

Windshield and Light Covers

If your motorcycle is built with a windshield, then you definitely should clean it as well because it needs to be as clear that you can for your to work through effectively. You might find that the windshield is cluttered with items of bugs and other gooey material that finished up there during the prior riding season. Use a mild glass cleaner and a point free cloth to completely clean the surfaces of one’s windshield and any operating lights that the motorcycle may have.


Your motorcycle also might have several leather parts that have to be cleaned from time to time as well. Items like the seat, luggage bags, saddlebags, tool bags, and other leather items might have collected dust over the long storage period, so it is additionally vital to provide them with a little TLC as well. Use a leather cleaner to completely clean the surfaces of those items. The leather cleaner may also help treat the leather and keep it feeling soft and looking good.


Your tires might also have a dreary coating from the dust that has built on them when you bike was in storage. Find yourself a good tire cleaner and gently wipe the outer surface of both tires to give them a nice looking jet black shine.

Fuel Lines

Cleaning doesn’t just involve the outer extremities of one’s motorcycle. There are some inner areas that you will want to clean as well, with one area specifically being the fuel system. Extended periods of storage can lead to the buildup of dirt and grime in the fuel system, which can wreak havoc on fuel lines, carburetors, and other components.

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