Liège is the capital of the Belgian province of Province of Liège, and the key city of the Liège agglomeration. Liège can be considered the cultural capital of Wallonia, although Namur is the official capital, and Charleroi is marginally bigger. And even though it is principally well-known for its industrial past – and infamous for the subsequent decline, it’s a varied city with a lot of history and culture, a dramatic setting on the Meuse River and a sizable student population. The city is rapidly modernizing, and as a result will end up a lot more worth visiting in years to come!The Grand Curtuis, or Curtuis Museum, can be an archeology and art museum emerge a restored mansion from the 17th Century. All those years back, the building belonged to a wealthy entrepreneur from the town and it was his idea to bring together four small museum collections in order to form the large collection you will see today.The Stairs of Mount Bueren are really worth climbing however it can also be worth exploring the passageways round the Montagne and marveling at the hidden treasures you will find across the way. You’ll mainly discover private gardens but they are still worth seeing. Located on Place St Lambert, Dig Deep at the Archeoforum of Liege can be an archeological site which measures almost 4,000 square metres and is home to 9,000 years’worth of Liege history. The St Paul Cathedral, or Liege Cathedral since it can also be known, was built in the 15th Century and restored to how it’s now in the 19th Century. The building is just a tremendous exemplory case of Gothic architecture especially the pulpit, vaults and ceiling.The Walloons, if you didn’t already know just, really are a French speaking people who live mainly in Belgium, although there are also significant populations in Brazil, USA and Argentina. The museum in Liege is defined in a former Franciscan monastery and has a large assortment of objects that explore the past and present lives of the Walloon people.Speaking of Mosan Art, very nearby to the Museum of Walloon Life is the Museed’Art Religieux Et D’art Mosan, which as the name suggests explores a number of the greatest art from the regions past. It is best to begin a tour on the next floor of the building where you will see many statues of the saint of hunting St Hubert.

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