“Clairvoyance” is just a 17th Century French word. “Clair” means “clear” and “voyance” means “vision”, clairvoyance means clear vision. Clairvoyance is about E.S.P. – the utilization of our extra sensory perception. Brujos de catemaco gratis It may also be referred to as the sixth sense because it goes beyond the five senses – which are hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste.

A clairvoyant medium is someone that is considered as to be able to see things through an extra sensory perception; put simply, with a sixth sense.

Clairvoyance also referred to as anomalous cognition in paranormal research is perception of days gone by or the future. Seeing something previously is named retro cognition. Seeing something in the foreseeable future is named pre cognition, or both.

Although many people are clairvoyant of course, the word clairvoyant is commonly used to reference someone who’s acutely psychic. Clairvoyance is the word used to define what it’s that the clairvoyant does. We could say that the clairvoyant medium is a person who proactively tunes into subtle energy, deciphers and interacts with the different forces sustaining and driving our universe. These forces come in infinite forms and include spirit guides, angels, spirit beings, entities and karma. Quite simply Psychic Clairvoyants may have visions that give them use of information that no body else can see.

Psychic Clairvoyants see what others cannot…

A clairvoyant can look into your being and see aspects of your personality and existence which are beyond the conventional realm or world. A psychic clairvoyant can make use of this information to allow you to make decisions about your daily life, unscrambling doubts by what span of action to take. By utilizing clairvoyance and other abilities, clairvoyants can gain an entire picture of a person’s life and challenges.

The utilization of the word clairvoyance or clairvoyant can encompass all the next senses:

Clairvoyance (To See) Clairaudience (To Hear) Clairgustance (To Taste)
Clairalience (To Smell) Clairsentience (To Touch / Feel) Claircognizance (To Know / Intuit)

How can a clairvoyant medium help me?

Clairvoyants can provide their readings to those seeking advice on their life path similar compared to that given by spiritual or psychological advisers. However, clairvoyant mediums have one very significant advantage over traditional medium services; their psychic capability to perceive past and future events can prove extremely valuable to seekers that are facing major life decisions. By utilizing their special abilities on behalf of their clients, these mediums can provide much better insight to the likely consequences of any action to be able to help their clients determine the proper span of action within their current circumstances.

By understanding what a clairvoyant medium is we’re better able to understand what clairvoyant readings are. Clairvoyant readings are an insight into our future delivered by a person who can use their extrasensory perceptions to advise and guide us in any aspect of our life. Put more simply, they are a method to find out what the long run has in store for all of us whether we wish to know about our career, relationships, business and other decisions we’ve to create during our lives.

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