Many people are looking to take up a career in learning support, so it’s good for highlight the 2 principal routes in to a career in education.

The two different pathways into learning support are; volunteering in a college and enrolling onto a training assistant course.

Volunteering in a college

Firstly, volunteering in a college is a brilliant way to secure first-hand experience as a training assistant. By volunteering, you can create a rapport with the institution staff whilst gaining hands-on experience of the educational system. This will help you standout from the competition as gathering direct experience will encourage a potential employer to hire you ought to employment arise.

Conversely, it’s worth noting that each school has their particular means of doing things. Whether its their teaching method, disciplinary system or their reward framework, its exceptionally rare to find two schools who don’t contrast greatly within their approach. By volunteering at a college you can gain an knowledge of how that specific school operates that’ll increase your chances of employment.

As with any occupation in just about any industry, it’s important to develop connections with professionals in that field. Volunteering will award you the chance to gain invaluable contacts who will have the ability to assist you in your career – either by issuing you advice, giving you a guide or by making you alert to any vacancies that arise in the industry.

Volunteering may also benefit you as a learning support assistant as it can permit you to gain a greater knowledge of what setting you’d prefer to work in. If you’re already pondering how becoming a teaching assistant, then I think it’s important to start also considering what type of teaching assistant you’d prefer to be.

Would you be happier in a main school setting as an in-class TA? Would you enjoy in a coordinated team with youngsters who have a specific type of special educational needs? Or could you desire to work across a selection of year groups with a selection of different SEN children in another school?

There are lots of choices to think about when entering education and, by volunteering in a diverse variety of settings, you will have the ability to find which path is a great fit for you. Volunteering can offer you direct experience of in a college which is invaluable when beginning and creating a career in learning support.

Study for a Teaching Assistant Qualification

An alternate method becoming a teaching assistant is to select on a single of the many teaching assistant courses.

Typically the most popular courses in the UK are the Teaching Assistant Level 2 and 3 course. Finishing either course will qualify you to work in a college as a person in the academic support staff. The main distinction between the 2 is that Level 3 teaching assistants are legally able to cover a lesson when the class teacher is absent.

Whilst there are many specific courses you can study, the aforementioned pair qualify you to work in either a main or even a secondary school Teaching Assistant Courses UK, accordingly increasing your employment opportunities. Each course consists of several items of coursework and a placement in a college where you’ll eventually be assessed by way of a tutor from the establishment where you’re studying.

There are distinctive advantages and disadvantages associated with studying either course. It’s very important to highlight the truth that the Teaching Assistant Level 2 and 3 courses qualify you to work across various settings and that you’ll be given advice about how to secure a position upon graduation. However, it’s also important to see that a number of support staff have this qualification so choosing a more particular course will allow you becoming a specialist about a specific special educational need (SEN) which will give you a greater chance of securing employment working together with that SEN.

When discussing how becoming a teaching assistant, it’s important to see that gaining a related qualification can help you to gain more knowledge and experience, thus increasing your employment opportunities.

How exactly to Become a Teaching Assistant

Having discussed the 2 primary routes into educational support, Personally i think it’s very important to highlight how helpful it’s to mix both pathways. You’re more likely to secure employment in education in the event that you volunteer in a college whilst studying for a training assistant qualification.

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