Sandpiper Boat
Built in 1984 in Maumee, Ohio the 100-passenger Sandpiper boat has been providing enjoyable sailing experiences across the Maumee River ever since. With a maximum cruising speed of seven knots, the 65-foot boat is docked in downtown Toledo, Ohio and has both public and private cruises available. Visit for travsel info about Toledo

From June through September, the Sandpiper schedules various cruises that range from a 2-hour “Uncover the River” tour that takes passengers passed the impressive downtown skyline, down the river to the busy Port of Toledo and then up river passing beautiful mansions and yacht clubs to a “Picnic Lunch” tour with lunch provided.

There are also specialty cruises on holidays and, four times a season, a 4-hour tour travels out Maumee Bay to the historic Toledo Harbor Light. Throughout the month of October, the Sandpiper offers “Fall Color” tours and a “Halloween Boo Cruise” for the kiddies.

What things to Expect?
By having a public ferry, private boat or yacht, you’ll enjoy spectacular views of historical sites, including Ottoman palaces, fortresses, museums, and the stunning bridges, and soak up the atmosphere across the city’s European and Asian shores.

2021 Top Toledo Cruise & Boat Tours Toledo (Guide with Advice)
Typical Toledo Cruises are manufactured by Public Ferries (Sehir Hatlari) or by Private Boats & Yachts. Each goes for around two hours. You can find number of companies. Travelers who would like to travel on a shoestring can board one of many passenger boats that regularly zigzag across the shores. It’s also possible to celebrate your days like birthdays, meetings or almost any organizations at the Toledo Cruises. Visit for more information about toledo boat and cruise tours.

Prices for the cruises vary from $12 for adults and $6 for kids under 12 for the “Uncover the River” tour to $30 per person for the Fourth of July and Labor Day fireworks cruises.

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