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Miss Maid Ltd is a professional cleaning company for domestic and commercial cleanings in London. The cleaning industry employs large numbers of people in all sectors of the economy from offices to factories, schools to hospitals, shops to aircraft. Our professional deep cleaning services extend beyond carpet cleaning to furniture cleaning, tile and grout, hardwood, air ducts, and 24-hour emergency water restoration. With national coverage that includes over 300 locations in 48 states, our familiar yellow vans deliver state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, highly-trained technicians, and 24/7 response time to your doorstep. Based on decades of experience, we know that cleaning helps to protect your investment.

Because cleaning work is usually low paid (and you’ll want to keep it this way in order to get a good profit margin), you need to keep up-to-date with changes to minimum wage. A domestic cleaning business with no staff can be started more or less for free, as you use clients’ cleaning products. The first thing to consider when starting a domestic cleaning company is whether residents in the area you’re looking at can actually afford to pay someone else to do their cleaning. Ask yourself if your current cleaning service is delivering everything you need.

Or call us to enquire about commercial services, such as office cleaning, school cleaning, shop cleaning or building cleaning. We will work with you to develop a bespoke cleaning regime to suit your needs, whether it is on a regular basis or a one-off job; commercial cleaning or residential cleaning in London. Get in touch today via our contact us page , or check out our competitive prices that cover London and Surrey. We also cover all Commercial/Business Cleaning and provide a bespoke but low cost cleaning services to businesses and their properties in London, Surrey and anywhere in 40-Miles Radius.

New York companies can add professional floor cleaning, floor waxing, and other floor services to any cleaning package. We can also work out a deal whereby Read More we provide regular floor waxing services in addition to basic cleaning and maintenance. Besides floor waxing services, many companies are also in desperate need of window cleaning. We always recommend our window cleaning Read More New York services to help you get the most out of any cleaning package. A professional carpet cleaning service can sanitize floors more effectively than consumer products allow you to do on your own. Professional carpet cleaners offer access to a wide variety of cleaning services.

And, whether you require a commercial cleaning company for a facility, a fleet of vehicles or for specialist contract cleaning services, our approach is the same: we take great care to recruit and train staff to the highest levels and we believe you’ll see a more personal approach – greater commitment and flexibility and shorter lines of communication to our management – it’s often these details that make the difference. 

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