Remember demonetization woes, where wives (mostly) lost wads of notes stashed away secretly from prying eyes? Well, had they known the advantages of Cryptocurrency trading, immaterial of when and who changed a policy their booty would always stay safe.

You will find other umpteen benefits not highlighted anywhere either in newspapers or the internet. A number of them gain importance due to cryptocurrency local problems not discussed in public places (though governments get it done clandestinely, denying its citizens to achieve in similar ways). We will have them 1 by 1 arranged not in a orderly fashion.

Better compared to infamous Hawala Deals

Imagine you’re selling a house for a huge sum and investing section of it is in buying another property. Legally speaking, if you invest the full amount earned you pay zero tax, but imagine if the newest property cost only half just as much? Neither can you place it in

A bank (as all transactions are questionable)
Nor hide at home (as a theft is obviously a possibility),

Nor bring it along when traveling (if an authority searches for whatever reason, you won’t be able to explain and it will be forfeited).
Obviously, you try sending that amount elsewhere utilizing the infamous method titled above, what else would you do? At the most, you are able to distribute the surplus amongst your household members, close relatives, and friends, but again, the chance of them not returning is grave.

An Exemplary Investment Tool like a SIP- Systematic Investment Plan

Speculation is a century-old tradition which involves risk, and many derive satisfaction indulging in it. Trading in stocks is one option and those that can enjoy with safe margins usually benefit.

Cryptocurrency, for instance, Bitcoin is divisible to the eighth decimal point. Meaning the littlest unit of Bitcoin, called a Satoshi, is 0.00000001 Bitcoin.

You can buy any dollar level of Bitcoin you want. In a way, you can easily however in bits and parts as and when you have an opportunity of putting away some of your hard-earned cash.

Agreed that like stock markets, even the Cryptocurrency value can fluctuate tremendously, but when you play safe then its be good to truly have a go at it.

Decentralized means you’re safe from any organization’s poor show

Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is managed by its network, and not anyone central authority. In simple terms, this means even the clear presence of the erstwhile crook Harshad Mehta, who destroyed the Indian Bourses, cannot put your investment in jeopardy. Your cash is in safe hands, always.

Safe International Transactions

Imagine using PayPal for purchases in foreign countries and for some vague reason, your account is wear hold. This might take days of excruciating verbal volleys in emails and heated telephonic conversations with no guarantee of a fast solution. Basically, it appears that PayPal is the main one having control of your hard earned money, that will be absurd, to express the least.

On the contrary, with Cryptocurrency, account holders own all of the coins that they have purchased, it is just like having cash in your hands. Those coins may fluctuate in value, that will be normal, but at least they’re owned by the folks who possess them.


Cryptocurrency is the way to go, particularly when security and stability are at stake. The easy investment and safe international transactions are some of the noted benefits. We must hope that all governments give it a proceed and make lives of its citizens a shade easier!

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