Maybe you’re a Pinball Machine addict, Pin-Head, or you understand someone who is. Whether you are into Pinball, Arcade Games or just general coin-op stuff, you still will get bitten by the same bug. One Pinball Machine is never enough and it would appear that the restoration project never ends. Included herein are some signs that you have a Pinball Machine addiction.

This may be the first sign of a Pinball Machine addiction. You’ll drive miles and miles simply to play that one Pinball Machine you have been looking for, then go through $10+ in quarters and finally drive home. You might have done this for Spider Man, Family Guy or Wheel of Fortune. In the event that you did, then I’m sure you’ll make the trek for Shrek (no pun intended). You’ve driven miles to access the games you love, then it’s time for you to save on gas and start getting your own personal Pinball Machines to fill your game room.

You start with one Pinball Machine that you absolutely need to have, or one that’s in okay condition and in your price range. Pinball Machines for Sale Suddenly the Game Room has grown to encompass your kitchen, family area, living room and whatever other free space is left over. Yes, admit it, it has happened to you. Those Pinball Machines just occupy a lot of room, don’t they? An excellent excuse to incorporate onto the home if you ask me.

So, at this point you have a Pinball machine (or several) and it needs some repair or restoration work. You then find that you need to own many “rubbers” in numerous sizes and this doesn’t refer to anything sexual in nature. It is amazing the collections of little parts that are required for Pinball Machine restoration projects.

Those repairs may be short quick fixes like replacing a light or a total overhaul of the entire Pinball Machine. You take more time fixing and cleaning the Pinball Machines than actually playing them. And you could even forbid the children to the touch the Pinball Machines. The game room might have replaced the fancy family area that is meant to look nice and not to be used.

Those Pinball Machines occupy a lot of space as is and they occupy much more when they’re dismantled for repair and restoration. You will need a place besides your kitchen table to properly restore your Pins. The thing that was previously referred to as the garage, a storage area for cars, now could be transformed into the Game Room Workshop. You may spend time cleaning, organizing and sprucing up your Game Room Workshop in order to take pictures of it to talk about on the web.

Those are just a couple of signs that you have develop into a Pinball Machine addict. There are numerous more. In terms of addictions go, that is a minumum of one hobby that the entire family can enjoy together,that’s, if they’re aloud to the touch the Pinball Machines that you so lovingly restored.

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