It is very much possible to enhance your intelligence quotient in a matter of 10 minutes. Some techniques to do so are discussed below.

Don’t you want to boost your IQ? Obviously, you should use the mind power exercises and techniques. But these are long term and you would need to Real IQ test regularly practice them. What if you want to raise your IQ now, when there isn’t more than 10 minutes. You’d need all your IQ for any important meeting, or even a test or any other major event in your life. If you really need some concrete results and not argue about intelligence, try the following techniques.

Breath To Increase Intelligence Quotient

Breath deeply throughout your nose. This will relax you immensely and allow you to remain calm and composed. Deep breathing infuses oxygen into your blood and therefore into your brain and enhances its functioning. A peaceful brain is going to be much more efficient. Also nose breathing uses the diaphragm more, so lungs draw more air. This is actually the simplest and shortest method to boost your intelligence quotient immediately.

Another degree of relaxation through breathing is meditation. Sit in whatever posture you’re comfortable and pay attention to your breathing. With eyes closed, breath throughout your nose initially and this can truly calm and relax you. you could have thoughts interfering but just ignore them and keep your focus on your own breathing. Try this for some minutes.

Posture and exercise to boost your score in IQ test

The posture you take while at any difficulty will surely affect the intelligence at your disposal. Just observe the difference whenever you solve a math problem slouching and sleeping when you do exactly the same sitting upright. The latter posture will certainly be better when you can think much better like that.

You need to exercise, but not a very hectic regime as such. Exercise adequate to pump blood into your brain. Walking works for many but a better alternative to boost your IQ is aerobics.

Sleep is very crucial for proper brain functioning. But the grade of sleep can also be important in addition to the duration of sleep.

Diet to Boost IQ

One tree whose leaves do certainly increase blood flow into brain is ginkgo biloba tree. You can use its leaves either in tea or in form of capsules. It also helps enhance your memory power and concentration. The effect is immediate and it lasts long if regularly used.

Caffeine is obviously a IQ booster. It’s been proved that any test taken after consuming caffeine in certain form or another does boost your scores. But do remember, that the effect is temporary and caffeine if used longer might have adverse negative effects too.

Give up sugar. Any carbohydrate if taken beyond a control, can blur your thinking. Insulin gets injected into your blood stream when you have sugar and thus diminishes your capability to think. Avoid all carbohydrates like white flour, sugar, potatoes if you want to think clearly.

Results matter in the long run

Experts will endlessly debate if the above mentioned techniques can definitely boost one’s IQ. But solutions when it is very crucial for you really to score high in a test. The above mentioned techniques if are observed to be IQ booster, you will want to utilize them as opposed to wasting amount of time in thinking if IQ really gets boosted or not. What matters is the score you get in the IQ test. If you sleep well, have coffee and think sitting straight and if all this boosts IQ, there’s no harm in doing the above mentioned techniques. These will prepare you better to handle any task. Hence, be wise and don’t debate anymore on IQ and its definitions.

I am sure you all know Henry Ford. The thing that was his IQ, any idea? Why bother? He was the absolute most creative thinker of the final century and he was so when he was always in the organization of intelligent people. That alone is just a direct 20 point in IQ. I am hoping you get the idea I state here.

You are worried about results. Hence if you want to be creative resort to such techniques of finding a solution. You will find techniques available to experience anything. Try the hands at speed reading and you could have double the grasp on the subject you read. What the planet might find are the results or achievements you garner in your lifetime. The Monalisa, the Empire State building etc are what the planet will remember and not your score in IQ tests.

The Intelligence Quotient (IQ) test designed by the International IQ Organization The test comprises 35 questions as a whole and aims to evaluate an individual’s ability to master, to know, to form concepts, to process information, and to use logic and reason. Please take the test in a peaceful place where you could concentrate so that the more accurate result is going to be generated. At the end of the test you will be able to compare your result with numerous other participants’in the form of well-founded statistics. The explanation to take the IQ test The level of intelligence is informative on multiple levels. As well as these purposes, it could explain why a person finds it easy, or difficult, to take part in intellectual activities. It may demonstrate why some people do have more remarkable achievements than others do. Furthermore, it can potentially account fully for some of the less common human traits and relationships in society, such as for instance isolation, rejection, and remoteness from the majority. Accreditation Our test was devised with a professional team of psychologists. As our IQ scale system has been calibrated from the Gauss Curve, the statistical results are validated and highly reliable. There have been an incredible number of test takers around the globe and our community remains growing day by day.

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