• Maybe you have noticed an alteration in the shape and type of your tea case recently? Removed is the simple or double step square tea case of the previous, affixed shut, with a string and paper tag. Nowadays there are sq pads or cushions, round pods, foil pipes, and transparent gauze pyramids.

    Teabags are certainly the preferred way of tea brewing, with 98% in the U.S., 96% in the U.K., and a large number worldwide employing a tea case to organize their day cuppa tea.

    It used to be that a lot of bagged tea was created from lower-quality blends of CTC (cut-tear-curl) teas, with the consideration more for value than quality. But nowadays more and more businesses are presenting their specialty and premium teas in tea bags.

    When presenting tea there’s too much to consider to meet the demands of and meet the consumer. Thought must be placed into not only the shape and type of the tea case, but also the kinds of material used, and the creation method itself. prime tea shop

    Conclusions need to be produced on the kind of bag-should each go with the previous standby simple or double step paper case with sequence and label, or choose a circular pod, sq, or square paper pillow, and no sequence and label? Or maybe choose the popular pyramid shape that’s currently so common?

    Should the tea case be made from cotton muslin, gauze, non-biodegradable nylon, or from silk or cornstarch “soilon?” And how should it be closed-should it be affixed, fixed, made with cotton thread, or closed with ultrasound?

    There is certainly a sizable quantity of possibilities available, with new types coming available on the market most of the time. It moves without stating that businesses need to be on the pulse of the buyer to effectively determine which way to go. They need to find out what’s in need and try to find out if it’s staying power or can become the following fad by the same time frame next year.

    One example could be the perforated foil tube, Tstix, charged as “the new-fashioned way to savor tea.” Manhunter Piccola disagrees, telling potential customers instead that, “Pods generate an infusion far superior compared to that of any teabag.” But are these non-traditional varieties of tea case really greater, or are they simply conference the mass-market need for people who really aren’t sure what tea should even taste like, just getting them due to the advertising hoopla and ease factor.

    When the very first transparent gauze bags arrived many years ago, people reacted with enjoyment because the material allowed them to see the tea since it was brewed. Nowadays many tea businesses are selecting that format.

    Charles Cain of Adagio Teas describes why his business decided that type, “We set a huge number of our free tea collection (210 teas) into pyramid bags. At its center, Adagio is a free tea business, but we think one of the greatest methods to develop the marketplace is to first add the informal customer to better tea through teabags.”

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